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Trends in Modern Iranian Manteau-the “Sonnati” style

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Unlike what you may assume, if you do not know Persian is that “Sonnati” means”Traditional” and the trendy style of manteau right now is based off of traditional designs “manteau-ye sonnati” is the term.

These manteau often have a very straight and simple cut and are often based off of the Traditional central Asian/Afghani/Persian coat, usually called a “Chapan”. Often these manteau incorporate embroidery or design elements which are from Irans many ethnic and tribal groups. Often Indo-Pakistani Kurti like shirts are included. Historically Persian mens and womens clothing was rather similar to what is traditionally worn in Afghanistan, so its not a stretch really.

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unoIts also become “trendy” to wear the “Sonnati” syle with a calf or ankle length skirt or wide legged pants which is quite different from the trend of a short tight manteau over leggings which leaves very very little to the imagination.

Last summer I posted a picture of me in one of these “Sonnati” style manteau from the Iranian store NewHijab (yes they ship abroad!) and its extremely lightweight and comfortable while retaining some traditional embroidery designs…yup…+ dirty mirrors in the local thrift store!






  1. Selam aleykum Sister,
    great trend in Iran. I like this very much. Thanks for your posting. Paired with for example plain black top underneath, plain black or grey wide pants and black and simple shoes, your sonnati would come into its own even better.
    ve selam

  2. I Iike the new look of the blog. It looks more welcoming.
    Nice post. It’s a good thing the styles are becoming less form-fitting.

  3. just want to say loving the new site and love that you are back blogging :)

  4. Mashallah I really love the designs. Though I wouldn’t wear something like this outdoors I could see myself wearing this at a get together. I love your blog sister especially when you share pictures of the clothing trends (past and present) in Iran. I know so little about the country and it’s people that it’s refreshing to see your posts.

  5. I really enjoyed your post. I truly enjoy reading about other cultures and the way they dress. If i could wear it i would.

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