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Cultural Hijab


(Bandari Arab women in Qeshm Island, southern Iran)

 Asalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatooh and Hello!

Old School Hijabi has an ongoing series of postings related to “Traditional Hijab” in Iran and Central Asia

What is “Traditional Hijab“? Traditional hijab is basically the type of culturally-defined covering worn by Muslim women in their own society or cultural group. For example the Baloochi women of Iran wear a different style of traditional hijab from Bandari Arab women in southern Iran. Basically its just a showcase of these unique and beautiful designs which have developed over hundreds and perhaps thousands of years…


A young Qeshm woman in “Darreyeh Setaregan” or Stars Valley wearing the traditional hijab of Bandari Arab women in southern Iran

Why Iran and Central Asia?  Because Iran is actually extremely multi-ethnic and multi-cultural and each ethnic and cultural group has its own traditional style of dress which has for the most part been preserved and is still worn to some degree, also because there is an assumption that ALL women in Iran wear manteau, maghneh and chador or that ALL Iranians are Persians…this is far from the reality, one can be Iranian but not be Persian…and itsperfectly acceptable to be in society wearing your “traditional hijab” as long as it does not contradict rulings for hijab. I am also focusing on Central Asia as Central Asia is incredibly diverse too with a wide range of ‘traditional hijab”  which unfortunatelt has mostly been lost in many areas due to Soviet control and forced assimilation, although traiditonal styles are slowly coming back in popularity and acceptance and there is a wider interest in adopting a “Pan-islamic” style…often Central Asian Muslim women look to Iran, Turkey or the wider Arab world for style ideas and clothing items.

Please note I am still in the process of moving postings over from my old URL…so this list below does not include every single Traditional Hijab feature I have done!


Young Persian girls from Tajikistan


1) Bandari Arabs: Traditional dress of the Bandari peoples.
2) Persian:  Abyaneh style.
3) Nomadic Loor : Traditional dress of the Loor people
4) Turkomans: Traditional dress of the Turkomans of Khorasan.
5) Nomadic Qash’qai: Traditional dress of the Qash’qai people. (also known as Qashqai)
6) Baloochi:  Traditional dress of the Baloochi people of Baloochestan.

Central Asia

1) Tajikistan:  Beautiful florals & Ikats of Persian Tajiki peoples
2) Uighurs:  Urban Uighur Fashion

1) Pictorial essay, Historical Hijab.


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