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Spring/Summer looks out of Iran

Bismillah ar Rahman ar Raheem

Since I just did a review for the Two-Faced Butterfly manteau I went off and did a bit of research as I was telling my husband that the two-layered, avant garde manteau look is in…he really didn’t believe me!  I haven’t been over there to see relatives in like 3 years now and like every other country, designs and trends come and go…each season is different. What was in, in 2005 wasn’t like what was in, in 2000 or 2009! Obviously… but from what I recall last I went manteau were getting shorter and tighter than ever before and some of the previous trendy cuts such as the batwing or poncho styles were out, out, out!

So I was also wondering how trendy the designs which New Hijab carries in comparison to the general trends in Tehran…well, through my looking around I noticed that her designs are right on target with the general trends right now in Iranian manteau…right now hand painting, silk, ethnic boho and a style similar to the one I reviewed from NH are hot for the spring/summer…the silks and hand painted manteau are reserved for social occasions more or less.

Here is a selection of various designs from different Tehrani designers which are in par with spring/summer trends.

A few notes…One, outside of Tehran…fashions change very very slowly…infact like every other country whats trendy in Tehran amongst the upper classes takes awhile to trickle down to the masses. So don’t think women are running around in small cities and towns with these types of manteau on!  Two, while there are many manteau designers in Tehran, many of whom have FB pages…most dont ship outside of the country or accept orders online! Sofar I’ve really only found New Hijab which does and which ships from someplace like Switzerland so there is no hassle with payment or shipping! Most of these places are small boutiques or set up in someones house. Hence why I am pointing those interested in Irani fashion to NH…easier to deal with, less hassle!

Three…BIGGIE…be forwarned…some seriously bad hijab is to follow but keep your eyes on the manteau, most are gorgeous, what’s going on above or beneath them should be ignored. LOL. I do not really know if wearing tights with ones manteau is the big trend amongst some types over there…but hey, at this rate…who knows! Last time I was there skinnies where the big thing…so I spose amongst those who cover because they *must*…not much is diff. between skinnies -> leggings -> tights…uff!

Allahu alim. Of course most women there don’t dress like that, outside of some areas of Tehran and yuppie areas in other cities most women still cover out of religious devotion, familial conservatism or cultural pride…

A) Hand painted designs are TRENDY…


B) Silks are TRENDY…especially the shiny silk shantung variety!




C) The avant-garde kimono style jacket is TRENDY… (more points for reversible and with a belt! LOL)













D) Apparently a dress looking kinda thing is trendy too…personally…not a fan! uff!






What do you think of the new manteau designs?




  1. sister i love this jakcets they are sooo nice mashallah. they are not hijab truly, but i will wear them at home inshallah i love the kimono orange one. thanks sister. also i saw on facebook page that the code osh2 for almoultazimoun , but how to use it? i want to buy one jilbab but it has no section to put a code in. thanks sister.

    • asalaamu alaikum…actually if you look at my post on the review of the two-faced manteau from New Hijab you can wear that style with a big scarf over a skirt or wide legged jeans…obviously if the manteau is short sleeved, you need a shirt under…but the open wide jacket style which is trendy there right now is actually quite modest as they are made to be very boxy and loose fitting. Obviously of course you shouldn’t go out in leggings or tights and a non-existent scarf and say that muhajabaah attire…cuz its not…but with wide legged jeans or a skirt and a big scarf its perfectly suitable…sans the belt ofcourse.

      Also as far as AlMoultazimoun goes…just when you add something to your cart, click view cart after your done shopping and voila, right under what you have in the cart it says “voucher code” ergo you’d enter the OSH2 there…perhaps you havent really looked..but I have it open on my end and yup…its there.

      • wa lakumsalam sister. yes i saw the manteau i like this style. ok thanks sister.
        also i contacted almoultazimoun they say the same thing for what u say. so i look again its not there. i will try again inshallahh.

        • Yeah it is there sis, I just bought something using the code alhamdulillah. What browser are you using? If you’re using Firefox, it won’t show up at all, so maybe you’re having that problem too. But if you switch to another (I switched to Google Chrome), it will definitely appear. I contacted Al-Moultazimoun and hopefully they will rectify it.

  2. That`s correct, i bought a similar style exactly 1 year ago in Tehran.
    Love the green one!

    XO Arezu

  3. Salam,
    very beautiful designs in the pictures. But not to be worn as a correct hijab of course. So it would be necessary to combine some of them with adaequate isalmic coverage.
    And it is sad to see, that the hijab obviously slips backwards more and more nowadays. In some pics nothing more than piece of cloth hanging on the back of the head. Subhanallah.

    • wa salaam…well sister, in all fairness I did mention that in my posting before I posted them, also keep in mind that in Iran covering is required by law and there are many Iranian women who are Muslim but not practicing and do not consider covering something they wish to do, also Iran has a large non-Muslim population which are Christian, Jewish, Zorostorian and whatever else and they much also still cover…hence they consider covering an incoveniance and try to subvert it as much as they can. But if a Muslim woman is covering for religious reasons than yes I do think wearing it improperly…as in immodest dress, behavior, etc is not right and shouldnt be done and that one should cover FiSabIllah but its an entirely diff matter when someone is wearing it due to state regulation (or cultural/familial tradition) and not any religious desire at all…which is why many of those models are dressed as they are…and why you see some women from supposed religious families covering immodestly…its because its forced upon them and they do not wish to do it.

      Allahu alim

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