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Asalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatooh and Hello!

Old School Hijabi occasionally does reviews of garments and items which I feel would be beneficial to readers of this blog.

  • Akhawat (France)

Jelbab Al Atlas

  • Asoratti (UK)

Yarn Candy

    • Al-Athari (UK)

Overhead abaya

    • Artizara (USA)

Hajar Maxi Dress

  • Hejab Fatemi (France)

Chador-e Jalabeeb

      • Islamic Design House (UK)

“Sporty” Jilbab
“Vested” Jilbab
¬†Winter Classics “Aqua Blue” Jilbab
“Urban Endurance” Jilbab
Green Poplin Jilbab
Neutral Jilbab
Sophia Collection Party abaya

Readers of OldSchoolHijabi can recieve 10% off their purchase at IslamicDesignHouse using coupon code OLDSCHOOLHEJABI07 at checkout!

      • Modefa (USA)

Aker silk scarf
Armine silk scarf
Modefa’s Turkish wool poncho

      • Al Moultazimoun (France)

Jilbeb Makkah
Jilbeb Al Hanifa
Jilbeb Makkah II
Jilbeb Al Houda w/pockets


  • Al Mujalbaba (USA)

Windbreaker Jilbab + Interview

  • Al Sharifa (USA)

Laguna Swimsuit
Arabesque Caftan

  • Style J (USA)

Charcoal denim skirt

  • Sunnah Style (Canada)

Essentials Bisht abaya & Sapphire collection Islamiya abaya
Essentials Overhead Abaya



If you are a company which aims your products at Muslim women who cover and would like me to review an item then you can contact me at through the Contact Me page. Jazakh’Allah’Khairoon!


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