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Loving the Kabayare Milk Silk Maxi Dress…

سم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Oohh simplicity. I like it…I embrace it…if its comfy and covering I’m 100% about that.

Ive been eyeing these simple maxi dresses called “Milk Silk Maxi Dresses” from Kabayare Fashion for almost a year but kept hemming and hawing about trying one of them out as im not a big dress person…on a whim about a month ago I went for it and got a Hooded Milk Silk Maxi dress in black (now currently sold out… in a size I felt was suitabl)…cuz hey black goes with everything and well, deep inside Im a black head to toe type of a sister although I rarely do head to toe black unless I want to purposely be left alone or intimidate someone. LOL


I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE it…I love it so much the next week I got another in Khaki green…although the Khaki is more like a tan than a green but..whatever I felt about that went out the window when my husband and family said the “khaki” aka…the tan maxi dress was extremely nice and suited me quite well. mashAllah.

Ive had these 2 for a few weeks now and am basically living in them…except for when im working…so basically im switching between these babies and scrubs.  They really do simplify life and they are really inexpensive given the design and quality.

The Hooded Maxi is kind of a more “urban” design…it has a decently sized hood and I love how the hood kind of overlaps at the front….deeep deliciious pockets and there is an elastic band at the waist which…is NOT removable and the skirt portion is incredibly wide and loose so you have wonderful drape and flow. I can literally throw this on over jeans or shorts and be out the door…I usually pair mine with a vest or something as I’ll explain below but its quite simple. Has an abaya-ish look and is very modest. One reason why I dont wear skirts too much is all that excess layers annoys me but these have everything in one package. Simple!

Kabayare Fashion ships very fast…like both orders my garments where at my doorstep within 3 days or less, I’m in PA, they are in Michigan. They appeal to random non-Muslims too…Ive had relatives and friends who aren’t Muslim or who are Muslim and dont cover think they were adorable and order as they are very easy to wear and suitable for numerous occasions. The hooded maxi’s come in a pretty limited color range…like black, tan/khaki and mauve…their regular milk silk maxi are available in basically every color of the rainbow + prints!   As I alluded to above they are very easy to match with other items in your wardrobe…

such as… a vest, a hoodie, a sweater, a open oxford for a casual look, a poncho…you name it…they work. They would work with regular scarves, khimaars or large shaylahs…niqabi or not…also suitable.

The milk silk fabric itself is 100% polyester but its a high quality polyester which allows a lot of air flow and has a thick enough feel that it doesnt cling to the body and drapes away from it which still being good in warm weather. Our summers here in PA range from the 70’s to 90’s and usually we have a fair amount of humidity…from barely perceptible to…Im melting! I’m melting…LOL..and except for the most humid days I found these gowns to be quite comfortable. On those rare excessively humid days anything except linen or cotton causes stickiness for everyone.

Now, my ONLY qualm with these gowns…and I wish they would fix…but which I make work for me and still LOVE these dang dresses is the elastic is a bit on the snug fitting side…so sisters who have big hips or a big rump or a big bust may find even in the larger sizes these curves are accentuated. Maybe you care, maybe you dont…but if you care…like I do…its fairly easy to solve by say, laying a lightweight linen vest over the gown or wearing a larger sized scarf. The elastic does stretch out over time and I find the black maxi dress to be much less snug around the waist than the newer tan/khaki one due to my wearing it more. If the elastic was easily removable without having to take the garment apart id probably do so and add a looser longer piece of elastic. Like I said…it doesnt really bother me as I find a scarf and a lightweight summer vest layered on top to be both stylish and covering those spots id rather not have hanging out.

How ive been wearing mine…super versatile!

maxi2 maxi1


OH and these garments are incredibly wash and wear! great for around the house and ofcourse out, great for new moms with babies who like to spit up (although they are NOT Nursing friendly, they are pregnancy friendly)…heck  they even work as impromptu PJ’s…Ive been slept in the black on a few times without even realizing it because they are soooooooooooooooooooooo comfortable.

and yes…im getting another…in teal…but without the hood.

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  1. Salam – thanks for the review! Ordered one and it is lovely. Quite form-fitting in the chest but will be fine with a long hijab. But the dress is overall flattering, nice fabric, not clingy otherwise – and great color selection! Thanks JAK :)

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