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Guides to Hijab


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

1377296_663305720376737_1344737643_nGuide to Niqab

A good friend of mine Umm Abdullah was kind enough to author a Guide to Niqab series a few years ago for my blog which has proven to be very helpful for those sisters who are new to niqab or are interested in wearing niqab!  Do note that I did NOT author this series and am not a full-time niqabi, although I am pro-niqab, have worn niqab previously and have many niqabi friends.
Part 1  –  Types of Niqab available.
Part 2 – Fabrics and choosing a niqab.
Part 3A & 3B – Niqab brands and where to buy.


A Guide to the French overhead JELBAB
Part 1 Discusses various types of overhead overgarments, how to put a overhead jilbeb on properly so its comfortable,
Part 2 – Types of Jilbeb styles, sarouel, making sense of the fabric choices.
Part 3 – How a jilbeb is sized, how to order from a French site.

(note: By using the term “Jilbeb” I am meaning an overhead overgarment and specifically the style which is popular in Europe and North Africa and which developed in Algeria in the late 80’s, early 90’s and has since spread in popularity around the world due to their utter comfort, ease of wearing and wonderful color choices!)



  1. assalaamu alaikum.

    i am a fan of your blog and of beautifulmuslimah,
    what has helped me most as a new muslim is the information
    you supply. often as a revert we are just told to follow the muslim dress code, or dress modestly, but its been a few years and I’m still just learning about hadiths pertaining to certain stripes, certain colours, types of metal, and jewellery with religious inscriptions.
    do you know what would be great?
    because you are inspiring and have knowledge on the topic, it would be so neat if you and or beautiful muslimah worked together with some scholars to design a little booklet, styled like a mini magazine, which explained very simply but clearly Including hadiths reference, so the limits are clearly shown, like cover from here to here. what to wear and what not to wear :) (and perhaps what kind if demeanour to assume) I’m sure as a revert that kind if booklet would be be helpful to new muslims and a nice addition to the “new muslim survival pack” that they are starting to give out now when people take shahada.

    like i said we are told from the start to dress modestly but then that is often left up to our own interpretation, until we are looking for knowledge and stumble across something that makes the heart sink and then wish someone had informed about it ages ago.

    #70excuses, maybe they didn’t know too, or maybe they were too shy to tell me.
    ..anyways, just an idea. i tried to find something similar but google didn’t bring anything, only bits and bobs from ask the scholar sites all over the web.

    • wa alaikum as salaam

      JazakhAllah for your comments. unfortunately I have really no time to write such a thing as I work full time, although in the past I did do blog postings which addressed such concerns. If you scan my blog or the older version you’ll find them…

      1) “”

      2) “”

      3) “”

      4) “”

      and I also have a posting about whether overgarments are fardh…but right now I cant find it. I may if I have time do a page on the new blog with all of these older postings listed for easy access.

  2. i m having full black chador front open plz guide me how to wear? very obliged to u

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