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Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatooh!

Who is Old School Hijabi?

I’m a Muslima, long time Muhajabah, and a Mom to a too cool little kidlet! (Mash’Allah). I prefer to go by my kunya of Umm Ibrahim aka. Old School Hijabi.

Why this blog?
This blog is devoted to conservative Muhajabaat and Monaqabaat fashion which is in line with Islamic guidelines. As another sister has mentioned on her blog…”there is nothing wrong with loving fashion as long as its Shariah compliant” and I couldn’t agree more.

I started this blog several years ago-back in 2009 over at as I saw then and still see today a serious lack of blogs geared towards Muslim women who dress conservatively in what would be termed “proper hijab”! In my opinion, there are wayyyy to many blogs which cater to attire which is far from Islamically appropriate, replete with skinny jeans, short shirts but perfect scarves…aka. Rue 21 Hejab. This blog does not cover  not cater to those styles but instead focuses on attire which fulfils the religious requirements for hijab!

Why the term “Old School Hijabi”?

Well, cuz I’m Old School! Yah, really…I started to cover in the mid/late 90s back when there was no such thing as “hijabista” or “fashion hijab”! When wearing hejab was NOT cool or trendy, but an actual show of ones commitment to their deen (faith)!  I believe that hijab is not just a headscarf but in its fullest religious sense a term encompassing modesty in attire AND behaviour and that is that (and required of BOTH genders in Islam). I do not, never have and never will consider proper hijab as doudy, old fashioned or a “thing” to scorn! There is beauty and dignity in the simple and elegant lines of true hijab!

I sincerely pray this blog gives sisters who dress conservatively in their hijab to please their God(Fi’Sab’Illah) an outlet for ideas and stories and en’sha’Allah to encourage sisters new to Islam or covering to decide to dress the way they should be dressed! Not the way society *thinks* they should dress! ameen…

Jazakh’Allah’Khair for reading this!



  1. Assalamo alaikom, sisters. I really love your website mashaAllah Allahumma barik.

    I just wanted to give you a small nasiha I hope you don’t find offensive. On the top of your page you have “The original blog devoted to muhajabaah and munaqabaah fashion…” The word munaqabaah is actually not a “good” word, it means something that has holes in it, (in not a good way). The right term is Muntaqiba, or almuntaqiba.

    Fi amani Allah <3

    • Assalamu alaykum,

      Just a quick reassurance from an Arabic speaker to the commenter Somia – munaqqabah is the term used for someone who wears niqab. Muntaqiba sounds very grammatically incorrect to me, I’ve never heard the word used before. Hope that helps!

      • soo…which is it because I am hearing both from others as well. LOL!

  2. Assalaamu alaikum sis!

    Are you no longer on fb? I can’t find you anymore… I had a question for a friend who wants a batwing abaya and was hoping you could point her in the right direction in shaAllah?

    Jazakillahu khairan

    • sister read my posting about my coming back. If you read it you will have the answer to your question. Also I do not assist with personal shopping, one can quite easily find what they are looking for online through ones own efforts instead of relying on someone else to do everything for oneself.

  3. Asalaamu’alaikumj wa rahamtullaahi wa barakatuhu sis,
    do you have any french jilbaab bloggers to recommend please?
    barakAllaahu feeki <3

  4. Salam Alaykum

    Long time reader here…jazak Allah I appreciate this site so much. I’m kind of old school as well (and proud).

  5. Assalaamu alaikum sister!

    I have a question regarding my daughter’s hijab. She has been wearing hijab since she was 8 years old. She is now 12 and is taking hijab more seriously, she is the only one in her middle school now, she wears a tunic that goes down to her knees and a scarf that covers the ares that hijab should, but her pants are the problem. We have ordered loose leggings online and they are still showing her calfs. She has worn loose pants under her tunic but she feels very uncomfortable and another girl made a bad remark about them. Please help!

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