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Just a wee note. OSH is going on a blog hiatus for a few months until sometime in mid-May.

*Yes I will still be drawing the winner of the Modefa Turkish plush prayer rug…so stay on the look out for that, but otherwise…I will not be doing anything blog related for the next few months.

***Sisters I’m moving in a few months, I have some items up on Ebay…take a look, enshaAllah.

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Review: Modefa Turkish plush prayer rug + giveaway!

Bismillah arRahman arRaheem

936733_373965099371370_47795808_aTexas-based specialist of Turkish items Modefa has begun carrying an assortment of Turkish delights beyond the usual Turkish scarves which they have carried for some time now. It appears they are branching out and trying to carry other Turkish items which are highly sought out. One of which being these luscious, extra plushy prayer rugs.

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All of you probably already know this, but for those not “in the loop”…the majority of prayer rugs sold worldwide are made in Turkey. When we lived in Saudi Arabia if you wanted to buy a new prayer rug, the overwhelming majority were always Turkish made and online the ones you find are almost always Turkish made.

Unfortunately most of those which are so readily accessible are of the thinner and lower quality type made of a very thin and lightweight slightly fluffy material which tends to wear out rather rapidly from repeated use.


Being that I have reviewed Modefa in the past, they contacted me again recently about reviewing one of the new styles of plush prayer rugs they are now carrying.  I chose this lovely floral vase one in salmon. I actually let my husband pick it as I could not decide and well, he liked the salmon. Less risk of looking dirty or worn too fast!


As usual they shipped it out incredibly fast and it came nicely wrapped up. I like how I can get Turkish items so quickly, from within the USA!

My thoughts: The rug came and I was immediately surprised at how large and heavy it is. Its indeed nothing like the thinner Turkish prayer rugs we have acquired over the years. This one is quite heavy and as I mentioned its quite large. Unfortunately its very difficult to capture how the rug glistens and glows. There is a lovely deep plush design in the rug and then the lower areas, like the parts around the floral vase in the center is thinner with a slightly metallic-y looking thread woven into the salmon color. It really does give the rug a unique and gorgeous quality and when you use it for salaat you can’t help but feel more tranquil and centered when using it. mashAllah.



Trying ever so hard to capture how it glistens…alas…its very difficult!


Overall I think this rug definitely exceeded my expectations. I was honestly expecting something similar to the other Turkish made prayer rugs but this one is quite different from those, this one is incredibly heavy and plush and it just feels so nice using it and as I mentioned, you cant help but feel more centered when using it. I do think although the price is a bit high by prayer rug standards its more than worth it especially if you are looking for a very unique gift…say for a wedding or moving or something of that kind or would just like to treat yourself to something truly beautiful for your surroundings and use for salaat!

When ever I look at this rug…this hadeeth pops into my mind!



Now to the fun parts!

Modefa has graciously decided that they would like to give a reader a chance to win one of these beautiful prayer rugs!

All you need to do to enter is use the entry form on the Contact Me page shown above!

Be sure to use “Registering for the contest” in the subject line! and you must include the following information to be entered into the contest!  Any sister who neglects these details will NOT be entered!

1) name
2) location
3) email
4) your favorite hadeeth or ayaah related to salaat!

I will be sharing these hadeeths/ayaat on the OSH FB page as a daily reminder for how beautiful and beneficial salaat is!

The contest ends February the 8th in the evening (USA, EST). The winner will be announced on the OSH FB page and via email!